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New Zealand

October 2022 now in New Zealand will post our blog after our first three weeks at Lake Tupo before our next house exchange back down by Wellington – we will put up a few of our little clips before posting our textual stuff in a few weeks.. a little blurb about my first time in NZ – not really our blog – just a short tale from 1980. For now continue with our first four months of this year in Holland

went to Tokaanu Thermal Walk in The Tūrangi area
Wellington to Lake Taupo first days in New Zealand
Steaming cliffs of our local active volcano beneath our feet
the end of our street

our morning coffee walk along the rain forest along Lake Taupo

About Dr. Terrell Neuage

Interested in what comes next and not what was. Sole survivor from another place at another time with different outlooks on ‘the way it is' as I am mashing it together as a movie for my next lifetime to view this one so I can do it differently - hopefully on another planet or at least in another realm. For more see http://neuage.org


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