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Life is good

If you are in the International Airport in Beijing near gate 33 there’s a machine that churns out wifi codes – just put in your passport – five hours worth so I am spending my last three hours in China on line and on Facebook (so banned in China – thank you Astrill VPN for a great year of service). So Narda collects me in about fifteen hours or more in Atlanta then we do our road trip, staying at one-star motels, through the south for ten days – goin’ find the real Amerika’ then to Australia and on and on. This was my 7th flight out of Dalian in my first year here (10 months actually) Four international (Australia x2, Thailand, USA) and three local (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing) – Next school year we plan to travel more – old age come and get me ’cause I ain’t slowin’ down’. I can only say “Life is good”. And one of my goals for my 65th year is to get to visit North Korea – just up the road 200 miles – like going from New York City to our house in Saratoga Spring New York – just an afternoon drive.

About Dr. Terrell Neuage

Interested in what comes next and not what was. Sole survivor from another place at another time with different outlooks on ‘the way it is' as I am mashing it together as a movie for my next lifetime to view this one so I can do it differently - hopefully on another planet or at least in another realm. For more see http://neuage.org


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