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Cambodia Again

20 January 2016 Phnom Penh

Louisiana Blues, the two-hour length – non-stop version. I look around; Narda and I are the token Westerners on this flight to Singapore. I look over, she is watching ER, there are more than 600 movies on the screen and she is watching ER so I know she is not listening to Louisiana Blues and I am sure no one else is either as they all seem to be glued to their screens watching some foreign thing. Not to worry, being the only one amongst hundreds; isolated, hungry (I will get back to the why and wherefore of that shortly), forty-five years older than my New Orleans days, when I legitimately was immersed in Louisiana Blues, digitally obsessed (iPhone in ear, laptop on pull-out table working on an eBook, iPad – writing this and watching a movie; just like being at home) though Narda is no doubt the only one embedded into ER. Of course we are all really alone in our world and I know I am not into sharing any of the other passengers’ world. How can they watch the crap they are watching?

We are on a new diet: low carb and high fat. The latest ‘fix’ for diabetes; Narda is doing it to support me. We have struggled forward for the past two weeks using our Ninja blender to live on raw stuff; not even eating soy products as they are supposed to be bad. I was a tofu maker for eight years in Adelaide and consumed huge amounts of soy. I make almond milk now and eat kale and other stuff. I may join some local cows and live in the local paddock and eat grass all day soon.

So we always order a special meal for me on flights, vegetarian. Well that is not good enough on a low carb diet. Narda ordered a low carb diet; lots of meat and fish but that is not for me, I had to go for the raw-diet;

Singapore Airlines low carbs vegetarian

Singapore Airlines low carbs vegetarian

And of course I could not have the cranberries or the raisins because of their sugar so Adelaide to Singapore this was my diet; and no doubt the rest of my life.

It was all good. I watched ‘The Intern’ a story about a 70-year old (Robert De Niro) sorting out some 30-year old group of start-up-up-themselves-manic-Interneters who are overwhelmed because as we-adults know most30-year olds and younger don’t have a clue – about much of anything. Being a year from 70 and totally ignored by anyone under 35 or so I related to this film. I tried watching some of the other things on offer but got bored with each after ten-minutes or so and went back to experimenting with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 updates for Photoshop and InDesign and Premiere and some of the other creative-time-wasters of the Adobe World.

So we get to Phnom Penh with Brendan’s guitar in a huge box that Narda built around it: the photo below is me holding the box in a tuk tuk and Narda with the rest of our (a large suitcase of stuff for Brendan included) things in another tuk tuk. As is usual for here it was hot, muggy, and scary going from the airport to our home for the next three-weeks.

riding into town with Brendan's guitar and Narda in Tuk Tuk in front

riding into town with Brendan’s guitar and Narda in Tuk Tuk in front





DSC_4023View from our ‘penthouse’ well it is on the roof of the building and is as local as local can get.

In between explorations and trying not to get knocked over by bikes and tuk tuks I am working on my next Amazon eBook

In case you missed the previous three there is always this one to start with:

‘Thoughts in Patterns Book 1: Picture Poems 1965 – 2015 of Terrell Neuage’ Kindle Edition


Of course it can be viewed on any device and the first ten pages are free to view just as this one is ‘Leaving Australia’ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A766DIY?ref_=pe_2427780_160035660

And for the academic minded my PhD thesis on Internet Communication – ‘Conversational Analysis of Chatroom Talk: Online Discourse Analysis Method’ Kindle Edition http://www.amazon.com/Conversational-Analysis-Chatroom-Talk-Discourse-ebook/dp/B017Y6S81A/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

And that is it – back to travelling again after a year and a half off.

One note – I paid $7 (US) for a month’s unlimited Internet on my phone anytime/anywhere and it is fast. In Australia I pay $86 (Australian – about $70 US) a month for a slow connection – go figure.

me with Brendan's guitar on our penthouse balcony

me with Brendan’s guitar on our penthouse balcony

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Interested in what comes next and not what was. Sole survivor from another place at another time with different outlooks on ‘the way it is' as I am mashing it together as a movie for my next lifetime to view this one so I can do it differently - hopefully on another planet or at least in another realm. For more see http://neuage.org


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