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Day 1 Adelaide > Sydney > Honolulu

Day 1 Saturday 26/11/2016  Adelaide > Sydney > Honolulu

Quiet day at Sydney Airport. Really. It must be a slow day or could it be that everyone is so excited about being in Sydney that few have come to the airport to leave. I asked a customs person and he said in a few hours things would change. We don’t want that but for now large empty spaces is good.

Lady at customs says to Narda – ‘I should confiscate that shirt!’ Then she says ‘just don’t tell me you are going to Hawaii’ – I said yes but I bought the shirt in Thailand. And I thought I was looking a bit tropical…

Tropical Hawaii shirt from Krabi, Thailand

Tropical Hawaii shirt from Krabi, Thailand

Sydney airport is quite different than Melbourne. It has all the shops to wander through, which I love, a world-wide obsession of mine is to spray myself with several perfume-testers. I smell like a brothel refugee by the time I get onto a plane. But, or perhaps just a slow day, it is quite spacious though without the eating places Melbourne has. In other words, bring food. Which of course we did. What I find annoying is the lack of outlets at airports; world-wide. Not Sydney airport. They have outlets everywhere and charging places for phones and all the other gadgets humans have. I am so charged up that I will be able to keep going for hours through the night on our night-flight to Honolulu. Keeping the poor buggers trying to sleep next to me awake. I do have headphones so neighbouring passengers will miss out on hearing my collection of Dylan, and other associated music from the 1950s through and up to about 1971; so of course, that is too bad.

On to Hawaii. One more check before getting on the last flight of the day. Inspector lady looks at my passport then me and says that the beard is a nice disguise. My passport photo from some clean-cut day is not the same me as of today, when I have gone more Australian bogan or post-hippie drag. Perhaps this will be the make fun of Terrell tour of the world instead of yippee-retired-tour-unless-run-out-of-money-then back-to-teaching world tour.

So here is the challenge. Is it possible to pass through airports without spending a cracker? So far we have had lunch, leftovers from last night that we tried to pass on to Stuart, reassuring him that Clare will love it because it’s low carbs. Stu said “no it’s OK”. OK so then the dish, which really was yummy…spiralled zucchini with Aldis premier Sicilian pasta sauce….was put into a disposable container, which Terrell dripped and dropped on the carpeted causeway walking down to the plane in Adelaide…luckily no red matter on the carpet….we ate it cold with a coffee. It really works well as a salad. We’re doing this again. What I don’t like so much is the shopping bag of food in our pink bag. But ya gotta do it.. for the cause, low carbs and all that good stuff.

travel bag of low-carb-organic-vegetarian-positive-energy substance

travel bag of low-carb-organic-vegetarian-positive-energy substance

I feel a surprising sadness that we are not here heading back to our home in Dalian, meeting other international teachers on their way back to another school year. This was a short but very special time in our lives, and we do miss everyone. I am so happy that Brendan is getting to experience this too.

If you read e-books my storefront at http://neuage.papertrell.com/ sells mine along with others I have favoured. Or go to http://neuage.org/e-books/ for my scribbles and photographic-texts of the past few years including ‘Leaving Australia Part One and Part two. If you want a preview of my photo-texts; I post on my picture-poem collection page on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/E_6JaB occasionally one I favour at the moment.

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Interested in what comes next and not what was. Sole survivor from another place at another time with different outlooks on ‘the way it is' as I am mashing it together as a movie for my next lifetime to view this one so I can do it differently - hopefully on another planet or at least in another realm. For more see http://neuage.org


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